Week 10 Master Key Experience


  1. Kat - Reply

    Your money is a three D experience which will help you visualize very clearly and feel it. I love how excited it makes you. I loved you sharing your DMP on video. Hey, I will “Take a Rack and Go”.
    Love your enthusiasm.

    I send you love and blessings for you and for you to pass on to others.


    • Ajay - Reply

      Thank you Kat I love to have a rack in my pocket (10,000) I never pull it out but I know its there try to get you some at Propmoviemoney.com if you wanna

    • Ajay - Reply

      Your Welcome Stephanie I saw you Picture on the training the other day and wanted to say Good Job and great picture ….You always have something good to add to the group thank you for that

  2. Julia Standish - Reply

    Happy 2020,

    I hope you have a fabulous TRIP around the Sun.
    I am so glad and excited for your last 11 1/2 weeks of MKE. Hope you find the TRUTH in the Franklin Makeover, and creating for yourself a Journey to look forward to every minute of your life.

    SOOO Glad you posted Week 10.

    Isn’t this MKE amazing. Yes, It is difficult and challenging…but each requirement is for your benefit. If you don’t do it, it’s like leaving food on the table, or worse $$$ thrown in the garbage. Yesterday is gone. the Past is over…. can’t do anything about it….just proceed forward and into the future, and fully taking the present time, present moment, present energy to FULL ADVANTAGE.

    Also, if you do recap the Weekly blogs, it will only bring joy for the subby and remove more cement. (MKE language).

    Julie Standish

    • Ajay - Reply

      Yes, I miss some weeks sometimes so I try to catch up for you Okay thank you and enjoy …I need to read other peoples blog also So thanks for stopping by

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