Master Key Week 2 Scroll 1


  1. Brenda Stay - Reply

    I like that you are such a good multitask-er! That will come in handy throughout this course! I love your lamination idea! Very SMART!!! I would maybe change the way you say I HAVE TO do these things to something ENTHUSIASTIC like I GET TO! haha just having some fun with you! Thanks for sharing your blog!

  2. Gavin Johnson - Reply

    Really enjoyed watching your video blog, and you have given some really good ideas. I like the counter I think I will get one. Thank you, looking forward to seeing how you are getting on next week.

  3. Day Boswell - Reply

    How fun to see you putting your whole self out there, my friend. LOVE IT!! But don’t want to lose you — be careful while you’re driving!! LOVE YOU!!

  4. Jeff J Otterstrom - Reply

    Hi AJ, this a massive blog post, I love your dedication to the Master Key Experience.

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