Ajay Your Online Coach – Week 3 with Master Key Experience

Don’t just say your statement, you have to do it with Feeling and Enthusiasm. Visualize the things you want when you say them and use all of your senses as if you are in the moment.

Example, see the ball going to the hoop, hear the ball going into the hoop, smell the atmosphere of the ball going into the hoop. Maybe you smell that buttery popcorn and some hot dogs with some sauerkraut on them, and the smell of sweat and leather from the ball. Hear the crowd… Feel the ball, BE the Ball! This is what I’ve learned from reading the Think and Grow Rich book and listening to the audiobook.

We must change our habits in order to create the change we want in our lives. This is what Og Mandino says in Scroll one of The Greatest Salesman in the World.  He says, “Therefore, I must be a slave to habit, let me be a slave to good habits. My bad habits must be destroyed and new furrows prepared for good seed.”

So this week, I have been working on my DMP and improving it. So you should be putting things in your DMP that you are actually working on and improving and having goals you are working towards. Right now or within 30 days from now. You must be specific in your DMP and you are talking to your subconscious mind. What I’ve also learned is that it has to be under 400 words and has to have the five questions of What(i.e. what are you specifically wanting?) Where(i.e. where are you going to live?), When(i.e. when is this occurrence going to happen? when are you moving?), How(i.e. how are you going to get the home? how does it feel when it’s yours?), Why(i.e. why are you purchasing this home?).

A good example of envisioning your DMP is saying you are wanting a certain car…. imagine that you are in the moment when the dealer calls you up and says come to get your car, it is ready to roll! WHAT exactly does that look like? WHEN does this happen? WHERE does this happen? HOW do you FEEL when you get that call? WHY do want this car?

Here is a small example of my Definite Major Purpose…

What is your morning ritual?

Your DMP should be read first thing in the morning, middle of the day, and the last thing at night.

You must do this daily otherwise you will not change your habits. Missing even one day can throw you back into your old habits and you will not progress.

First thing I do is Watch some visualization videos (10 Minutes)  like this:

2nd thing is Read my DMPS sometimes in the mirror and sometimes I go out to the park and say my statement like the video I posted above out loud.

I used to say it 12-15 times in the morning and then 12-15 times at night before bed. I thought it was easier than doing it in the middle of the day sometimes because I would get busy. It would take about 2 hours each day total to say my statement and self-confidence formula. The more you say it you get better and more enthusiasm every time.

So go do your statement and your self-confidence formula from chapter 4 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  So my goal for this week is to get a better handle on my morning, mid-day, night ritual. Let’s get this done! Do it now! Do it Now! DO IT NOW!


  1. Alexandre Tournon - Reply

    To say I am impressed by this blog post is an understatement. Waow. Lots of value and golden nuggets I love it.
    What struck me most is the part on the house you desire, I feel like we are so much alike: “I can have anything I wish for uh? Let’s make it biiiigg!!”

    Loved it, I will follow your journey, the work you put in is inspiring – keep it up!

  2. Danielle Johnson - Reply

    Nice tips for those struggling with their DMPs and thanks for sharing part of yours!

    • Ajay - Reply

      thanks its just stuff on my mind as I go through the week I need to read other people’s Blogs also …Old Blue Print

  3. Brenda Stay - Reply

    Wow! Powerful blog this week! Thanks for sharing! Go out and DO IT NOW!

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