Ajay Your Online Coach – Week 2 with The Master Key System

Hey, Guys its week 2 of the Master Key System and what I noticed is that life happens and if you don’t get up early enough in the morning to do your affirmations, your self-training, your self-discipline, then when life happens you won’t get it done.

Following the system takes much discipline because it’s new and it’s a new habit. Just like Og Mandino talks about in the Scroll 1. He talks about in that chapter you developing a new habit. When you get to that chapter you will know what he’s talking about new habits.

To start off, my beautiful 14-year-old daughter had her runway performance on Sunday, which started at 6:30 at my house with the lady coming to do her hair and makeup. To make matters worse, I’m down to one car…blew my engine Driving Uber. So I had to go with the family early to the venue and hang out there because it was too far to go and come back.

Therefore, I didn’t do my self-discipline early that morning because I did Uber late night/early morning up until 5 AM and had to keep moving and take care of the family stuff. Have to put the family first. I dd watch the week 2 webinar on my tablet with shotty internet from the hotel but missed the index card exercise portion of the webinar, but I did what I could.  Even though I had all the distractions that day, I still know I needed to do my things and won’t let that stop me from moving forward with the program and accomplishing my goals!

What I’ve learned so far, if you trying to do a course, you have to do it consistently and not miss any days!!!  If you miss any days, you have to start the process all over again, because your subconscious mind, likes to be ritual. Take this, for instance, your subconscious mind is responsible for us breathing and keeping you alive. If you come in with a new program, your subconscious mind is like a guard against a new sheriff in town(NEW HABITS) if he comes to take over and wants to settle back into his old ways.

Your subconscious wants to keep you safe and comfortable and doesn’t like change. So you need to train your subconscious mind new habits, and if you miss just ONE day of the habit, you have to start the process all over again. And I made a video to show how you how to train your subconscious and YES you have to read new stuff and say it out loud in a place that makes you feel good.

Also being with the class now I can see he having success with others and learning from like-minded people and learning new things also another thing I really like the APP on my phone on what to do daily which is pretty cool check it out.

Next week I’m going to more than likely going to get more distracted, but I will focus more on what needs to be done!

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